Knock Knock: New Music 5/24/2018

Hi there! It's Kristen. I hope your week's been going well. I have another cool tune I wanted to share with you from Jungle. They're a neo-soul musical collective out of London. They were formed back in 2010 by Josh Lloyd Watson and Tom McFarland, who refer to themselves simply as "J & T." They frequently draw-in other musicians and collaborators both in the studio and when they play out live.

Jungle released their self-titled debut LP in 2014. You may remember the single, "Busy Earnin" from that record.

You can catch them live at Royale in Boston on June 16th. Word has it they have completed recording an entire second album, but no other information is available at the moment. What we do have is two new songs, which will be released together as a single (A-side and B-side) on June 22nd. Have a listen to the track, "Happy Man."

Comments? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them. Email your thoughts to Thanks for stopping-by. Happy listening!


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