Boston, Massachusetts

Hello! I'm Kristen Eck... Owner, host, and program-director of BumbleBee Radio! What is it we do here? Thanks for asking! We play Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative, Electronica, Trip Hop, and even some Jazz.

You'll hear music you recognize from artists like the Pixies, Björk, The B-52's, and Radiohead, but you'll also encounter a ton of new music you might not be familiar with. Hopefully you'll find a new favorite song or artist along the way!

The point here is since I'm not hunting for advertisers, I'm also not afraid of ratings (or lack thereof.)  I've always dreamed of running a radio station that focuses solely on music for the sake of music, rather than music liked by the most people.  If that thought excites you, than just maybe you'd like to be BumbleBee with me.  Are you ready?  Then let's bounce-about and put some FUN on the internet airwaves!


© 2020, Kristen Eck Radio
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